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Sale of Russian souvenirs in the U.S.   - Gzhel porcelain figurines, Lacquered boxes, brooches, Matryoshka dolls, wooden Khokhloma spoons, wooden Christmas eggs.

Imports from U.S. to Russia of equipment, tools, machinery, supplies and parts  to miners, prospectors, artels, gold mining companies working in the mines, with tailings, deposits, mine dumps, in Russia and abroad.
Comfortable shoes for home, airpalne, banya or sauna - slippers "Happy Feet" - who would have thought that these weightless slippers happened to be so handy to save your legs and feet from the hot wooden boards, steam room, and on icy snow during the "snow shower"! But their main purpose is to keep you feet warm at home.


Structure of your family tree is the same as that of any other person - two parents, two by two grandparents, four great-grandparents, etc. In the card game Six Generations everything made scientifically, but who is out of the 62 ancestors of Emily and Jacob would marry whom nobody knows untill the game is over - their fate is in the hands of players. The game was published in U.S.  Visit www.sixgenerations.com . MSRP $8.97.

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Bakery products and grocery by I. A. Kapranov.
Tea by Association "Caravan".
Yaroslavl, or Uglich, 1913.
Photo by Fyodor Ivanovich Soloviev (1896-1983).

From the Soloviev family archive.  


Construction of the Interhemispheric railroad from Canada to Alaska (USA), and Russia. Suppliers, contractors, investments.