Published in the Anchorage Daily News on 4/9/2007.

Anchorage resident Ilya Ipatov, 19, died April 5, 2007, at Providence Alaska Medical Center as a result of a car accident on Dowling Road.

A funeral will take place at noon Wednesday at St. Innocent Russian Orthodox Cathedral, 401 Turpin St., with visitation beginning at 11 a.m. The Rev. Daniel Andrejuk will officiate. Burial will be at Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery. A Trapeza (post-funeral meal) will take place at the cathedral afterward.

Ilya was born May 25, 1987, in Khabarovsk, Russia. During his childhood, he traveled frequently with his mother to the United States and developed a dream to one day live here. In 2001, his dream was realized when his family moved to Anchorage. Ilya graduated from Service High School. He attended the University of Alaska Anchorage and was a second-year student majoring in auto diesel technology. He was well-known for his love of Honda cars, in particular, and enjoyed rebuilding and modifying the cars for enhanced performance. His professors described him as "an extremely likable student who easily connected with his peers." He was working his way through college as an employee of Sears.

His family wrote: "Ilya's greatest love was his family and close friends. He was the rock-solid source of strength for his wonderful mother, Olga, and beautiful sister, Maria. It was not just that he was helpful and caring, it was how comfortable you felt in his presence and how he inspired love and happiness in those closest to him always. Confident and secure individually, he inspired those around him with a calm sense of purpose and a warm presence that was felt by everyone he met with a beautiful smile and soft gentle eyes.

"He was a young man mature beyond his short 19 years, a remarkable individual with unlimited potential. The loss of Ilya leaves everyone he touched feeling helpless and lost, yet his strong, peaceful spirit will remain forever.

"Ilya was also a shining example of a strong, healthy, happy Alaskan student. Ilya was proud of his Russian heritage and shared his culture openly. He was the best example of how all of us, no matter where we are born and raised, should respect our differences and share cultural diversity always. He was well-liked by his teachers and peers as he explored all the opportunities his new country offered him. He was just as proud of his new country and wanted to serve in the U.S. military. He had enrolled in the entrance program for the U.S. Coast Guard and was headed to his physical exam following work on the day of the accident."

He is survived by his fiancee, Viktoria Petrenko of Anchorage; mother, Olga Ipatova of Anchorage; father, Sergei Ipatov of Khabarovsk; sister, Maria Ipatova of Anchorage; grandfather, Vladimir Shrizhov of Khabarovsk; grandmother, Anna Ipatova of Izhevsk, Russia; aunt and uncle, Irina and Nikolai Nikiforov of Khabarovsk; cousins, Daria, Katerina and Anton Nikiforov of Khabarovsk; the Shmakov family of Izhevsk; and the Bezrukov family of Khabarovsk.

Memorial donations can be made to 2925 Red Current Circle, Anchorage 99507; or the Ilya Ipatov Memorial Fund, Wells Fargo Bank Routing 125200057, Account 2526639097.

Илья Ипатов
25 мая 1987 - 5 апреля 2007

Прошло два года, как трагически погиб Илья Ипатов, дорогой сын, брат, друг.
Эта утрата невосполнима для семьи, для друзей, для всех, кто знал Илюху как весёлого, доброго, верного, надёжного и безотказного парня.

5 апреля, в годовщину гибели Ильи,
в 11 часов утра
в приходе Св. Тихона по адресу:

15396 Old Seward Highway
состоялась панихида.

Поминальный обед прошёл
с 13:00 в доме Ильи по адресу
2925 Red Currant Circle.

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